Valerie Jardin Minneapolis Street Photography Workshop

About the Workshop

On June 13-14 I attended Valerie Jardin’s 2015 Minneapolis street photography workshop. It was a fantastic; one of my best photographic experiences so far and very worthwhile. Here’s the story:

Valerie Jardin is a well-known and respected street photographer. She lectures and teaches all over the world. While born in France, she lives in the Twin Cities; and teaches a street photography workshop here once a year.

We began Saturday morning, June 13th, at the Minneapolis downtown library. First, Valerie presented her street photography philosophy, do’s and don’ts, suggestions, photographic viewpoints, techniques and elements to include in our street photography. Then we hit the streets. First at the Mill City Farmers Market and then Nicollet Mall. We ended the day with cold beers at Brit’s Pub. Our assignment for the evening was to begin processing our photos from the day.

On Sunday morning we met at the Walker Arts Center Sculpture Garden. We shot in the Sculpture Garden, the Walker-Loring Bridge, Loring Park, and public areas of the Walker. We broke in early afternoon and headed back to the library. We finished processing our photos and selected eight each for review and suggestions.

For me, this was the best part of the workshop. I got to see everyone’s great images. It’s amazing how everyone had a different take on each streetscape. Then, there was Valerie’s comments about what she liked and how to improve the images. As far as my images went, I was buoyed by the group’s appreciation, dashed by Valerie’s suggestions (they weren’t perfect) and ultimately pleased with the end result after I implemented Valerie and the group’s feedback.


Here is a slideshow of images from the workshop. My thanks to everyone who contributed and image.

My Motivations

Photography as my entree into adventure.  I’m single, semi-retired, and work from home, so it’s easy to be a shut-in; even while I long for broader engagement with life and the world. Getting my camera, going someplace, seeing new things and capturing them in my camera fulfills this need. Since I’m a city kid and don’t like to travel by myself, my photography options can be limited. Hence street photography in and around the Twin Cities is a natural for me. Every photo shoot becomes an adventure into life.

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin’s passion it street photography; as a practitioner, teacher, lecturer, podcaster and blogger.

She holds photography workshops in Minneapolis, Paris, Rome and New York. Her next Minneapolis workshop will be held June 11-12, 2016.

Valerie hosts a weekly podcast about street photography called Street Focus,  In each podcast she interviews street photographers from all over the world. My favorites are her “Streets of the World” segments where she discusses street photography in different cities with a street photographer from the area.

You can find out more about Valerie, read her blog, and get workshop information go to

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